We Perform Following Services

Canopus Data Insights is a leading provider of Outsourcing Data Analytics Services, Data Science Products, Solutions, and Services, to clients, from start-ups to large enterprises. It has expertized in generating insights from the raw data and converts it into profitable business outcomes, be it Big Data or traditional data, structured or unstructured. It performs Data Gathering, Data Quality Management, Data Analysis, Data Driven Model Creation and Data Visualization for many business industries. It also provides quality service in all the major streams of Marketing Analytics such as Buzz Monitoring, Customer Segmentation, Churn Analysis, Cross Sell, Upsell and much more.

Data Gathering

Collecting and bringing to a common platform all the relevant data so that business value can be gleaned from it.

Data Quality

Real Data needs to be made cleaner and consistent before analysis can be performed on it. Also, statistical issues like missing value handling needs to be performed. We take care of these issues as independent services or as a part of whole data analysis engagement.

Data Analysis

This consists of analyzing data for patterns which may exist. It is also called Exploratory Data Analysis. As a part of this step, we hope to identify those few features which critically help us create the model to solve the business problem at hand.

Data Driven Model creation

Once important features are identified, we can apply statistical modelling techniques for classification, regression and clustering to create a model which solves business problem.


Visualizations are needed to communicate insights to wider audience as well as help analyst quickly see what is happening.

How we help your Business Overcome your Data Challenges?

Contact us today to know more about how our services can contribute to your business’ success. We’re glad to disclose you the value of text analytics and how can we help your enterprise improve its ability to transform data as information.

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