Neural Network

In today’s advanced world, there are many technologies which are being developed and used on a day to day basis. From fingerprint to face recognition and from pattern to speech recognition, the advancement has gone beyond imagination. One of the reasons for this advancement is Neural network technology.


Neural Networks or Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) is inspired by the biological nervous system, such as brain as it is also used to think and make decisions in advanced and smarter way.


For companies, there are various uses of neural networks depending upon the business. Some companies use neural networks to detect spam or abusive content in its feed while some companies use neural networks to classify inbound calls.


From Microsoft to Amazon, all of them make use of neural networks for facial recognition, recommendation engines, pattern recognition, translation and to many other services.

We develop advanced deep learning algorithms by utilizing RNN’s (recurrent neural networks) as well as CNN’s (convolutional neural networks), depending upon the data and the problem statement.