Canopus Data Insights is a rising Indian Company that specializes in providing outsourced Data Science, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning to its clients worldwide.

Logistics & Supply Chain

The chunk of data produced and communicated over the Internet is gradually increasing day by day,


Telecom Sector is emerging as a gold mine with endless opportunities to dig and make the profit.

GIS UAVs & Drone

Drones collect a vast amount of data, but interpreting that data correctly is what provides the accurate perception of business reality


Manufacturing Industries generate a massive amount of data and according to a research these companies will spend approx $ 65.2 billion per year on technology by 2021.

Retail & Hospitality

Customer Lifecycle Value Modelling,Customer Profiling & Segmentation,Customer Service Analytics


Data science is drawing the attention of all the Financial organizations around the globe and 90% of the organization thinks that successful Data Science

Oil & Gas

Optimizing rate of penetration through historical geological data.Signal Processing and Predicting down-hole torque related failures.

Healthcare & Pharma

The healthcare sector has a lot of data containing different information of patients, pharmacy, doctors, equipment and treatment records.


Predictive vehicle maintenance, Optimizing GPS systems, Log analysis for engine testing logs and predict engine failure

Govt. Consulting/NGOs

Govt. Policies and reach,Weather Forecasting & Analytics,Analysing natural disaster patterns,Security and Crime Analytics

How we help your Business Overcome your Data Challenges?

Contact us today to know more about how our services can contribute to your business’ success. We’re glad to disclose you the value of text analytics and how can we help your enterprise improve its ability to transform data as information.

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