Image Analytics

Images are nowadays more impactful than text. Today’s generation expresses their views and sentiments on social media either through text, images or in emoji’s form, and in this Image, analytics plays an important role. Image analytics analyzes images, emoji’s, memes and other rich media formats to understand one’s sentiment.


Image analytics simply means an ability of computers to recognize attributes of an image. It recognizes photos to determine sentiment, gender, age and many more.
Along with this, it identifies multiple elements of the photo such as logos, scenes, objects, faces etc. One of the main features of this is that based on the picture, the caption can be defined automatically.


From a business point of view, everyone wants to advertise their brand and thus image analytics helps to advertise a brand or product weather name or text is specified or not. If one considers a campaign, this new technology helps to identify photos that are associated with campaigns.
Other than this, image analytics helps brands to track the reach of online sponsorships in images on the internet. We work on latest image analytics that helps to achieve understanding from brand perception to interests of audience segments.


We develop advanced Machine learning and Deep learning algorithms with Artificial Intelligence for Facial recognition, Image recognition, Object recognition, Speech recognition and many more.