Healthcare & Pharma

The healthcare sector has a lot of data containing different information of patients, pharmacy, doctors, equipment and treatment records. The big data provides many applications for these huge databases such as the instrumentation analysis of different data feeds, monitoring analysis of real-time equipment adjustments, performance analysis of patient and doctor track records, optimization analysis of consultation and patient data analysis. Data Analytics can help the organization right from design, product planning, manufacturing, to clinical trials for Healthcare companies that generate Hospital Claims Data, Clinical Data, Pharma R&D Data, Patient Behavior and Sentiment Data which lead in better collaboration, cost optimization, failure prediction, information sharing and drive competitive advantage.

Data Science has the computing power & algorithms to transform the Healthcare industry through:

  • Drug risk and sensitivity analysis
  • Hospital machine failure prediction
  • Predictive Survival Analysis
  • Inventory analytics
  • Prescription compliance
  • Physician attrition
  • Real-time medical device analytics and visualization
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Patient Engagement Analysis
  • Medical Claim Analysis
  • Medical Imagery Analytics
  • Clinical & hospital records analytics
  • Treatment pattern & Medicine intake