GIS UAVs & Drone

Drones collect a vast amount of data, but interpreting that data correctly is what provides the accurate perception of business reality and Drone companies nowadays are using Data Analytics to stay ahead in the competition. We provide Drone Data Analytics which is useful in every sector including monitoring data of Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Infrastructure, Real Estate and surveillance data from military drones of distant lands and adversaries. We provide customized Drone Data Analytics which helps companies in evaluating real-time drone data and generate useful reports. The images taken from Drone can be corrected, calibrated, processed, stored, and evaluated.


We offer powerful Data Processing Capabilities afforded by Cloud-based computing to deliver aerial monitoring, inspection, and intelligence-gathering capabilities. We have done the Automated Image Processing, our GCS software controls the drone, captures the images and uploads it to the server for further application of algorithms by our backend system.

  • Drone Data Analytics
  • Image Analytics
  • Site Planning
  • Aerial Surveys Analytics
  • Monitoring & Inspection Analytics
  • Monitor & Manage Environmental Changes
  • Drones provide reliable and accurate aerial data
  • Drones can monitor the tower from any angle and elevation
  • Model the cell tower from a complete 3D perspective
  • Increase monitoring accessibility to towers
  • Traditional methods (vehicle elevated cranes, etc. can fall short in some cases.
  • Drones are small and easily maneuverable to view details close up.