Collaborative BI

In the era of growing world, everyone has to develop their business in a different manner and better than others. For any organization, the idea of collaborative business intelligence helps to extend the decision-making process based on real-time information in a smarter way. To make improved decision making, business intelligence software merge with collaboration tools like web 2.0 technologies which allow analyzing data and exchange information.


For any organization, it is necessary to ensure that the technology on which it relies has benefits for them. Using Collaborative business intelligence has many parameters to satisfy the organization.
Some of them are-

  • Faster and Cohesive fact-based decision making.
  • Knowledge sharing between different groups.
  • Satisfaction of employers.
  • Security and Authorization.


In today’s world, SaaS, cloud computing and other computing models set an example of innovation in business intelligence. Also, business intelligence is allowing the organization to grab more opportunities and for planning a long-term roadmap and thus helping the organization to achieve desired results.

In future, with a large number of business intelligence tools in an organization, benefits of optimization, simplified task and efficient workload management will lead to an increase in organizational success.