Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a technology which is bringing a drastic change in the world. It has the potential to change the way how humans can interact with the digital world. Artificial intelligence has become an important part of the technology industry. The main aim of artificial intelligence is to create intelligent machines that have knowledge along with the ability of reasoning, learning, problem-solving as well as the ability to manipulate objects.

In recent years, AI has received the attention and interest of people for the innovation of new technologies. From e-mail filtering, fraud detection, speech recognition to robots and automation, AI has made all the imaginations of a man come true. In the upcoming years, AI will capture not only IT industry but also healthcare, education, banking, and e-commerce industries as well.

Artificial intelligence and Data Science are interlinked. Artificial Intelligence aims to mimic human intelligence or in the other words, to implant intelligence into robots/machines so that it can replace humans in every aspect. Data Mining, Data Engineering, Data Science all use statistical learning algorithms (Machine learning) to extract intelligence from the data. All these intelligence tools and the information is used to enhance and improve the robots/machines and to train it.

We develop advanced Machine learning and Deep learning algorithms with Artificial Intelligence for Facial recognition, Image recognition, Object recognition, Speech recognition and many more.